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Questions of The Day!

Hello RSB, Super Don, and Dr. Buttar!
I have been getting annual thermograms instead of doing mammograms. During my last visit, the consultant noticed an area between my shoulder blades was highlighted green and she suggested that it may have something to do with gallbladder congestion. She referred me to the Miracle Gallbladder and Liver Cleanse book and protocall by Andreas Moritz. I read the book and did the flush 4 months in a row and seemed to have textbook results which consisted of small pea green “stones” exiting my body. There is a lot of praise for this protocall, but there seems to be an equal amount of skeptcsism about whether or not these are actually gall and liver stones or if they are a by product of the olive oil that is ingested the night before. I was hoping to get your opinions on this cleanse before I go forward with another round. It’s not exactly how I want to spend a weekend, but I will continue if it is worth it. Thank You so much! Johnna T.

Hi guys, recently had a scan done and was told I had a fatty liver, now as far as I know the liver can regenerate but what I don’t know is how to facilitate the regeneration of it, hoping you can help RSB, thanks and keep doing the good work


Hi Robert – thanks for all the awesome work you do. Recently I came across the Medical Medium’s work regarding Hashimoto’s and other “mystery” chronic conditions arising from undiagnosed, latent viruses. I must agree that I never believed the explanation that the “body turns against itself” – that’s just stupid. But the virus idea makes a lot of sense. So, we step up the use of anti-viral foods – namely fruits and vegetables – and herbs, teas, tinctures. But I also thought of silver hydrosol, and so my question to you is what you think the best way would be to get Sovereign Silver to the thyroid — topically (as in a gel application) and/or orally (swish it around in the mouth) ??

Massage Monika



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