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CDC Expert Vaccine Court Witness Now Claims Vaccines Cause Autism – A pro-vaccine medical expert who has been utilized by the federal government to help defend liability cases in vaccine court caused controversy last week when he suggested that vaccines might cause autism. Pediatric neurologist Dr. Andrew Zimmerman has served as an expert medical witness for the government on many occasions. He has a history of sworn testimony citing that vaccines do not cause autism. But in a new sworn affidavit, Dr. Zimmerman seems to take a 180 turn on his prior admissions. He now claims that during a group of 5,000 vaccine-autism heard in court on June 15, 2007, he says he told DOJ lawyers during a side-bar that there are “exceptions in which vaccinations could cause autism.” “I explained that in a subset of children, vaccine-induced fever and immune stimulation did cause regressive brain disease with features of autism spectrum disorder,” Dr. Zimmerman now states. Dr. Zimmerman claims that DOJ lawyers quickly fired him when they realized his position supported even a remote possibility of a connection. This firing helped to conceal the exchange between Dr. Zimmerman and DOJ lawyers to the public at large. Additionally, it appears that the DOJ intentionally misrepresented Dr. Zimmerman’s opinions in future litigations.


Sugar’s sick secrets: How industry forces have manipulated science to downplay the harm – Walk into any grocery store, grab a few packaged products, and flip to the ingredients. You’ll likely spot added sugars — lots of them — provided you can discern their dizzying array of names: sucrose, dextrose, barley malt, agave nectar, high-fructose corn syrup, treacle, to list just a few. Why is our food saturated with all these sweeteners? When did they make their way into our yogurt, cereal, and oatmeal? How did they sneak into our salad dressing, soup, bread, lunch meat, pasta sauce, and pretzels? And, most crucially, what forces are responsible for this deluge, which is making some of us very sick? UCSF scientists are uncovering the answers to those questions. What they’re finding is that the food and beverage industry pushes sugary products, while obfuscating the significant health hazards of added sugars. UCSF researchers are scrutinizing this influence, scouring the research to better understand sugars’ link to disease, and fighting biased science by exposing industry tactics and educating the public.


94% of Americans who grew up during the era of leaded gasoline found to be lead poisoned and braindamaged -A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that 94 percent of Americans who were exposed to leaded gasoline in childhood may show signs of lower IQ scores and socioeconomic status in adulthood. Health experts pooled data from blood samples of than 500 participants who grew up in the era of leaded gasoline. Research showed that participants who had more than 10 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood at age 11 had significant reductions in IQ points in adulthood. Researchers said participants who had high lead exposure exhibited IQs that were 4.25 points lower than less-exposed individuals at age 38. The study also found a dose-dependent effect of lead exposure on the participant’s IQ levels. According to the study, each 5-microgram increase in blood lead levels coincide with up to 1.5 IQ point loss in participants. Lead gasoline exposure in childhood was also associated with lower socioeconomic status in adulthood. Researchers said study participants who had more than 10 micrograms of lead in the blood obtained occupations with socioeconomic status four-tenths lower than those who had less exposure.

Forced Water Fluoride Poisoning: More People in U.S. Drink Fluoride-adulterated Water Than All Other Countries Combined – The United States stands almost entirely alone among developed nations in adding industrial silicofluorides to its drinking water—imposing the community-wide measure without informed consent. Globally, roughly 5% of the population consumes chemically fluoridated water, but more people in the U.S. drink fluoride-adulterated water than in all other countries combined. Within the U.S., just under a third (30%) of local water supplies are not fluoridated; these municipalities have either held the practice at bay since fluoridation’s inception or have won hard-fought battles to halt water fluoridation. The fluoride chemicals added to drinking water are unprocessed toxic waste products—captured pollutants from Florida’s phosphate fertilizer industry or unregulated chemical imports from China. The chemicals undergo no purification before being dumped into drinking water and often harbor significant levels of arsenic and other heavy metal contamination; one researcher describes this unavoidable contamination as a“regulatory blind spot that jeopardizes any safe use of fluoride additives.” Dozens of studies and reviews—including in top-tier journals such as The Lancet—have shown that fluoride is neurotoxic and lowers children’s IQ. Fluoride is also associated with a variety of other health risks in both children and adults.





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