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Some of the things you will hear Dr. Buttar and Robert talk about in this week’s show are:

  • Baby Carson in Maine. Did you know that state agencies threaten to take children away for the most insane reasons? What is this one about?  It’s actually more more than just a question of goat’s milk versus synthetic, doctor-approved GMO baby formula. There is way more intrigue to this story that whether you are allowed to feed your child in ways that licensed doctors do not endorse. How does the state get jurisdiction?
  • Today, we are joined by John Calvin Jones, PhD, JD, to discuss issues of jurisdiction when it comes to the sanctity of your family and the ability to raise children without state interference. If you receive a benefit from the government, does that mean you must automatically accept all the arcane rules that go along with it, even if those rules threaten the life of your child?
  • Why are hospital births so dangerous?
  • Does a birth certificate really matter?
  • Should you go on the offensive if a state agency, such as child protective services, threatens you or your children? How can someone from a poor, working class family stand up to the intimidation tactics of power hungry doctors and bureaucrats? We’ll go beyond the fear to bring the power to heal (and eat) back to you!
  • Did you know about the FDA destroying supplement companies by claiming that their products are unapproved new drugs?   Is there life after Trans-D Tropin? Click here to read a special message.

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